God is presenting us with one of the most defining moments in our history. We believe God is calling Evangel Temple to be an impact church, making a defining impact on the spiritual landscape of Columbus, our surrounding communities, and the world.

We are stepping into a 2 year journey that will impact the spiritual landscape of not only Columbus but the world. We are redeveloping our facility as a gift to our community and cultivating relationships within our city through acts of amazing love, all for the purpose of introducing people to the God of amazing grace.

Reach is a 2 year generosity initiative that enables us to accelerate our mission of seeing people come to know Jesus, grow to love Him, and live to serve Him.


  • See at least 1000 people per year make a decision to follow Jesus.

  • Have at least 75% of our attendance participating in group life.

  • Utilize our facilities and the resources Jesus has given us to impact our city.

  • Plant 3 new churches.

  • Double our annual giving to help further the dream Jesus has given us to reach our city.\


We maintain a commitment to reach every generation from the cradle to the grave and we recognize how important reaching emerging generations are to the Kingdom of God. We find ourselves in the midst of the largest and most unchurched generation in human history and we commit to giving generously of our time and our resources to reach that generation and change the spiritual trajectory of future generations. To do this we will:

  • Partner with local schools through ministries like Bible Club, Teen Advisors, and Partners-In-Education.

  • Create intentional opportunities for cross-generational mentorship.

  • Build a new, safe and secure children’s building with nursery, preschool, elementary, and sensory/accessibility ministries.

  • Build an addition onto the Student Center to allow for growth and continued impact.


We have the opportunity to see our city flourish by reaching beyond our Sundays to meet the physical, social, and spiritual needs of our city. Imagine making the church the center of our community again by creating a place where people feel welcome and at home all throughout the week. Ignoring the safety net of our church pews, we will cultivate relationships with our communities through acts of amazing love while introducing them to a God of amazing grace.  Reaching our community will take more than just a church - it will take a movement. A movement of Christ followers who are not only ready to see their city revitalized but are willing to be agents of the gospel.

  • ADA accessibility throughout facility

  • Develop our facility and properties as a gift for our city.

  • Partner with community organizations through ministries like The VIP Ministry, The Jail Ministry, and Sound Choices.

  • Serve our neighboring communities through ministries like The Van Ministry, Wilson Serve, and MAPS: Local.


We have a legacy of global impact that will continue for future generations. As we continue to reach beyond our borders by investing in missions and church planting, we mobilize the Good News to transform our world. Imagine leaders from Evangel Temple sent as missionaries and church planters to communities all around the southeast, the U.S. and the world to fulfill the Great Commission.

  • Participate in Global MAPS Trips

  • Creating opportunities for missions experiences for all ages

  • Support over 100 missionaries both local and abroad


To reach our city, we need a shift in our culture. A culture that believes that we serve Jesus best when we serve others both in the church and outside the church because a church that stays in its four walls is not a church at all. So we ask ourselves, “Whose lives are different because of this church?”. Reach will take more than just a church - it will take a movement. A movement of Christ followers who are not only ready to see their city renewed but are willing to be agents of the gospel. And we believe this changes everything. We view all of this as the moment of overflow. The tipping point of God’s grace and truth that our city needs to flourish.

We need YOU to reach…

Reach has two main goals.

  1. The first is 100% engagement.

  2. Resourcing the vision through our generosity.

We are asking you to step out in faith, making a generosity commitment that will grow you and increase our ministry impact as we journey together to reach our city.

There are four steps that we are specifically asking you to take:

1. Pray - Pray that God would continue to lead us as we step into this new season of blessing and sacrifice.

2. Commit - Help us reach our goal of 100% engagement in this life-changing experience. Commit to being obedient as you say yes to Jesus in whatever he lays on your heart.

3. Own - Own the REACH Vision, and become a cheerleader for it within your spheres of influence.

4. Give - Ask God to show you what a sacrificial gift looks like, and take whatever bold steps are required to see it through.

Fill out your Commitment Card on Sunday, April 7th. During this weekend we will celebrate and commit ourselves to the vision God has called us to. It won’t be the end of our journey, but it will be a bench marker in the life and growth of Evangel Temple. For a list of frequently asked questions, visit our website:




Commitment Sunday | April 7th, 2019